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Another day in the hospital and here I am with the air jordans for sale latest update. Hopefully you all saw that I set up an automatic notification system and this blog entry will be the inaugural test for it. Please consider so that you don need to check back time and time again. from inside the immortal words of Sung Lee: It not very difficult! My PICC line continues to intact although rather sore. Apparently they changed the type of PICC line they used to one that causes more bleeding requiring a pressure dressing on it am unsure what the main advantage of this new line is and the nurse who placed it didn seem to know either. The doctors came in today and were rather cagey about whether or not I would be able to go home I will take this as potentially good news but reserve judgment until I hear for sure. They are unclear about what caused the power spikes in my LVAD. It could be the clots again or maybe it's a fluke is simply no real way to know, Which is perhaps the most frustrating thing experience not knowing. I am still on a heparin drip but hope that tomorrow my INR will be high enough that I can be taken off of it less thing to be attached to. My other blood tests appear to be normal except for my crit (Which rules how many red blood cells I have) Which jordan 11 is still coping with the internal bleeding. For now I have doctor orders to eat a great steak, And and am I to disobey? Telling an Irish girl to eat steak is just like telling a goldfish to breathe under water. Yesterday was a particularly good day. I got a vacation from Susan Lee, Who took a four hour train ride each way and missed a precious weekend day with your girlfriend husband and son to keep me company. warm regards Susan! There was also a good turn out for the Jimmy Fund Walk, Both how and for our team: Meagan Marauders. It broke principles left of my heart to not be there, Being the first time since I was 9 that I was unable to attend or be concerned. Tomorrow I will be sending out letters for donations and we will be collecting until December. Everyone registered has a $250 minimum to meet so can easily show a little monetary love to anyone who hasn hit that goal yet. Kate struck a deal with Dad that if dreadful raise $2000 for the Jimmy Fund he would get a Mohawk, Just as she did last year note that Kate has exceeded this goal and there will shortly be pictures of the republican ex-boston-Cop having Mohawk.
in the event the walk Mom, your dad, Kate and Carlos came by the hospital with an special guest: rugged, Seeing my ugly puppy gave new meaning to the term therapy and made my entire week never mind my day. In a display of extreme cuteness, My mom forced your canine into a Meagan Marauders t-Shirt with a walk number and when he obtained the 3 mile route he was also given a medal!
He was not the only new walker this year and I would like to thank all of those who joined up this year as well as people who have been there all along. A special thank you to the Weiss family who has been there every year without fail since your first step, I am so thankful to you all.
I also received a gift yesterday from Kately, Another hair treatment patient on my floor who recently received her heart and is now home and thriving am so happy for her and her story inspires me and gives me hope. She sent me a stuffed heart inside the IheartGuts store with a note. She was given a stuffed heart while needing a real heart of her own and told to pass it on once she got her real heart. She passed it on to me and charged me with your task.
I also got an email from a gentleman in Canada after my last posting and I asked if it would be okay to share his story effortlessly you. isabel marant sneaker sale You get my perspective as I go through this experience but he has been successfully living with his LVAD for an extended time period now and I thought it would be nice for everyone to hear from him. this can be a email:
I just finished going through your story from your blog on the VAD Facebook site from BC. throughout southern california Ken Stevens and live in Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada. I have had a VAD for over two years now and I am still awaiting a heart. I am much significantly older than you (67 years and years) But I went through a very similar circumstance in your lifetime when I first had my VAD inserted. I had internal bleeding in the heart a day after they closed me up. I was reopened two more times to mend bleeding problems. I had a very difficult recovery (About three months), But about a week before I was intending to go home, I started passing blood simply by my stool. scent was unreal. The bleed became worse and they engaged in two scope (model) reports, learn nothing. They tried putting cameras all over this country but could not locate the bleed. My iron and haemoglobin were reduced and I required a few blood transfusions. They then thought we would try using isotopes to locate the bleed. They took a vial of blood from me and injected radioactive isotopes into the vial and after about twenty minutes they injected the radioactive blood back to me. from the doctor then hooked me up to a machine and watched where these isotopes were going. Within 10 to 15 minutes that doctor was able to pin point the place the bleed was. I then had another scope done and they were able to go to just where the bleed was and clamp it.
I can appreciate your let-downs, But since I have been released I have returned to as normal a life as can be expected. I steer very well, I travel and I am able to socialize and enjoy my family members (4 grandkids), And I feel great. i've come across a couple of young teenagers recently that received VADs and they both have since received new hearts and are doing great.
I wish you the best of luck Meagan and be rest assured there are better days ahead.
I need to go now because the football game is getting ready to start. I know I have been contacted by many of you wondering the proceedings and that this blog is the main source for spreading information quickly. Not updating it has been same in principle as withholding information from people I care about and is simply not fair. A piece of me wanted preserve my followers. The things which has been happening have not been good and I thought everyone might need a break from the dire straits I always tend to be in. Mostly however, I promised myself that I wouldn use this blog as just another forum where people bitch and moan about their lives. I devoted this blog to finding the levity in dire situations which my family and I have never failed to say. lately weeks, but nevertheless, on the net myself unable to complete and entry that fit within these guidelines. I haven had any answers or good news or funny stories and quite frankly due to my demeanor about the whole affair I simply didn have anything good to say. How can I write an entry to all of my relatives and friends who have shown me endless support and touted my strength and perseverance and tell them that I feel as if this disease is finally breaking me down? Being broken isn brave and it certainly isn worth currently talking about, So i
My mindset has improved greatly in recent days though and I feel relaxed enough to share these thoughts with you and am able to bring you back up to date as the version of myself that you care about and not the sullen, overcome, Withdrawn version which won't ever rear her ugly head again. I hope you can forgive me and I vow to do a better job one day. I am very lucky to have so many people that care about me and want to ensure my well being. thanks for your time all for sticking by me, virtually all the version of me is not so pretty.
So I will try to sum up what has happened in the last week or so or else I risk typing a fifteen page blog. Also go ahead and leave a comment at the end of the blog (You have no need for an account to do this) And I can tell them here.
I was in the first place brought in for a echocardiogram due to some irregular readings on my LVAD and some slightly irregular blood tests. This quick trip to the office turned into a minimum of 3 days of findings in case I had a blood clot. They think it is unlikely but kept me just in case. It was a good thing my doctors were overprotective because after a battery tests it was says not only did I have one clot in my LVAD, But two clots that were readily visible using a Cardiac CT Scan and quite more inside the LVAD which we couldn see. At this point I had already been getting a hefty dose of heparin for about 6 days additionally to my Coumadin and Aspirin which I take daily. The clots were not budging with these blood thinners so the doctors put me on one called Integrilin which is fundamentally the next step up on the blood thinner scale. I was on this relating to 6 days as well. It burned more or less, although with my fair Irish skin, What doesn My test results started to better indicating that the clots were lessening. The goal was never to eliminate the clots but instead to dissipate them if you can. There are two types of clots you are able to: repeated and Acute. I appear to have both. Unfortunately most of what I have told you is a viable educated guess of the doctors. My case is freakish and there are not only no benchmarks or answers but no real way to get conclusive answers. A blood clot forming in LVAD machinery occurs less than 5% of the time typically in patients who may have had them for a while. I formed multiple blood clots, Both acute and reoccuring, After 2 and a half weeks of having the machinery in me. Like I said nevertheless, The blood thinners seemed to be working although giving me some pretty nasty side effects. to help maintain walking priveledges I made some really smooth meant to lean on this wall right here moves. At first they merely wanted me to walk with a nurse (mind you all the nurses are about 5 ft tall and weigh 25 pounds), But I used logic to convince them that that safer to let me walk with Carlos. Because I mean lets be real if I gonna go down I trust that Carlos could catch me with ease in about two seconds while every one of these nurses would crumple under the weight of a single swimmers leg. during their visit I actually had a written order saying I could only walk with Carlos.
at the same time, but the blood thinners helped my clots, My red cell count was the loss of fairly rapidly. They believed it was at least in part due that as healthy red blood cells pass through the LVAD they scrape against the clots and are shredded in a process called hemolysis. Once I got down to about half my blood count I became fairly systematic. we had been dizzy, Had some a sick stomach, breathlessness, Fatigue and one nasty problem. here they decided I needed a blood transfusion. Two pints of A+ go juice later my symptoms faded and I had color in my cheeks and a serious hankering for mcdonalds French fries (When I was a kid at the Jimmy Fund and needed transfusions I would always get a happy meal so apparently to this day I still make the association figure). maybe you are wondering what took them so long to give me the transfusion if it works like magic. The answer is that whenever we receive a transfusion from someone else our body immunity processes create antibodies in reaction to the foreign organic material. the extra antibodies I have, The harder it is to match a heart to me. It doesn matter how high up I am out there if we can get a match because I had too many transfusions. as a result, They stave it off as much as they can. I ended up needing about four transfusions before they decided there was something more than blood clots at play and that I must have some internal bleeding. They did a few preliminary tests which indicated internal bleeding was possible. This meant I needed to have some more invasive tests involving tubes cameras and not nearly enough sedation to help get the bleed and fix it. At this point I had gone through almost my entire blood line and we were running out of options. The day of the procedures was not exactly the most fun I ever had but they made it possible to locate and clip the bleed in under an hour using an Endoscopy. The bleed was at my stomach and (Shockingly) Was a bleed type that is particularly rare and causes only 3-5% of will bleed. It is known as dieulafoy lesion. Essentially a bit of my artery protruded in my stomach and was bothered by blood thinners, gastric acid, Food etc and sprung a leak a as the GI doctors named it. It is always so comforting when they refer to your body by referencing isabel marant natural disasters. They used 3 clips to seal it off and it needs to heal nicely. Since then my blood levels have been sits firmly.
Yesterday about 8 bigwig doctors met and observed me for over an hour. I wasn sure what they were discussing but the one thing I knew for sure was no way was I gonna negotiate with THAT team. I thought a lot of me nodding my head and saying you think is best When I finally heard from someone, The outcome was in my favor. We had reached the point that the clots was stabilized, The bleed was fixed and my blood tests and LVAD numbers was stable for a week. now, There was nothing else they can do for me in a medical facility. The plan was to send me home early in the near future (Tues or were married). I was in great spirits and can wait to come isabel marant sneakers back home again.
yet still, it seems as though whenever we think I going home this trip to the hospital I end up not leaving. Today when the doctors came in they said some of the tests were indicating the clots were destabilizing and achieving problematic again. We won know really until tomorrow but seeing as they put me in line for a good room and inserted a PICC line in me after dinner today the best bet is that I in for a little while anyways.
fot it end, Visitors are allowed but welcomed. Just shoot me a message and let me know so I can make sure it isn a surgery or something that day. I will keep every body updated.
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